MINI Countryman Launch

Sketchbook fun and screen print for the MINI launch of the new Countryman car

MINI Countryman Launch

Instagram sketchbook campaign for MINI

When I was born, I was brought home from the hospital in my dad's maroon MINI way back in 1965, 19 years later I bought my first car; a MINI :)
It's fair to say I have a close affection for the brand, so when I was approached to put my own spin on what the new MINIs mean to me I wasn't short on inspiration. Below are a series of sketches reflecting my artistic take on the MINI brand.

The brief was to create a series of sketches based on my interpretation of the new MINI models
The evolution of the MINI - acrylics
Utopian futuristic MINI engine city - fibre tip and watercolour wash finger painting 
MINI space age fighter cockpit (you can just see me in the rear view mirror) - fibre tip and watercolour wash finger painting 
Next generation MINI :) - fibre tip and watercolour wash finger painting 
MINI sacred heart using car parts - fibre tip and finger painted wash
Tote bag design for screen print - acrylics 
Screen print design based on previous sketch for tote bags - Photoshop
Live screen printing by Damn Fine Print on the launch night
Screen printed tote bag giveaways at the launch
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Thank You :)
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