A collection of small jobs, personal projects, pitches and personal favourites created in 2013 that aren't substantial enough to feature in a project of their own. 
Pitch for chocate bar packaging
Another pitch for chocate bar packaging
We Heart Books logo
Festival poster for Jerry Fish
Voodoo Pets Shampoo mk1
Voodoo Pets Shampoo mk1 - cat
Voodoo Pets Shampoo mk1 - dog
Voodoo Pets Shampoo packaging mk2
detail - Voodoo Pets
Hand lettering pitch
calendar - 'Today I Start Living'
something simply silly :)
8th Sin Canadian black larger - HopCity
Joffrey's 'breakfast' coffee packaging
Artwork for Joffrey's 'breakfast' coffee packaging
Kids monster project
Adaptation of my 'Let Your Dreams Fly' poster for the Sligo Arts Festival
OFFSET2012 promo
Snappy Flossers packaging - character design and hand lettering
Judy's Kitchen Garden - label
Jack of Hearts meets Jack'O'Lantern
print available to buy here
Dettol wash hands campign 
Red Giant
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