an Exhibition of Contemporary Illustrators
08 June - 08 September
Curated by Derry Dillon in association with Carlow Arts Festival 2013

Seven of Ireland’s leading Illustrators – chosen for innovation, wit, style, uniqueness and exceptional talent – were asked to respond to the subject of ‘extinction’, and to contextualise their submission with a viewing cabinet of influences and miscellany. Featuring Olivia Golden, Stephen Maurice Graham, Niamh Sharkey, Steve Simpson, Steve McCarthy, Phil McDarby and The Project Twins. The resulting exhibition showcase some of the very best work emerging from Ireland’s rich bank of Illustrators, and present their practices in a gallery context.
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 5.30pm, Sunday 2pm - 5pm, Mondays Closed - FREE
'Cows are REALLY Meaty'
645mm x 800mm
Giclée print on Hahnemuhle Photorag Paper
'Cows are really Meaty' preliminary envelope sketch - Pen & Magic Marker
shifty looking detail
Extinction - ex·tinc·tion [ik-stingk-shuh n] noun - The act of extinguishing (to put an end to, to chop up into small peices, grill, fry or slap in the oven for 30 mins / gas mk6 - serve with your favourite vegetables and gravy)
'Meat LOVE not WAR!'
limited edition of 90
77mm x 127mm
Giclée print on Hahnemuhle Photorag Paper

detail: Giclée print on Hahnemuhle Photorag Paper

 'COW in a CAN'
350mm x 380mm
 Giclée print on Hahnemuhle Photorag Paper

Mocked-up and squashed 'COW in a CAN' tin for the show
I couldn't design a label without sticking a nice barcode on it : )
'Home Sweet Home'
288mm x 530mm
Giclée print on Hahnemuhle Photorag Paper
best not hung on a butcher's wall : )
'WIld Bull Hickok'
400mm x 500mm
Giclée print on Hahnemuhle Photorag Paper
Wild West officer of the peace and finest steaks this side of Missouri
The MEATY PILLOW company
'T-bone' Meaty Pillow
'Meaty Pillows'
Plush, digitally printed fabric pillows
Glass topped plinth
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