Diarmuid Gavin's 'Outer Spaces' branding
Irish celebratory garden designer, Diarmuid Gavin, has partnered with Dunnes Stores to develop 'Outer Spaces', a plant and garden shop in Dublin.
I've worked with Diarmuid's for a number of years, we share a similar sense of fun and whimsey in our work, which always leads to great projects. The brief for this was fairly simple, to embody his fun personality. My initial idea of using plant pot characters developed into using his photo to engage with them. I'm extremely happy with the results.
Initial pencil sketch
Sketch for poster concept
Photoshoot based on sketch above
photo: Des Moriarty
colour iPad sketch exploring the plant post characters
refined colour sketch
Finished artwork - This is the first time I think I've combined illustration, hand lettering and photography - very happy with the results
detail. My favourite part is how Diarmuid's thumb is covering the plant pot guy's eye :)))
Alternative version without Diarmuid
In situ 
Launch day! - Window graphic painted by Holly Pereira 
Over the next few months Dunnes plan to extend "Outer Spaces' across a number of their departments stores in Ireland.
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Thank You :)))
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