Red Button Brew Thermocromic Labels 
Thermochromic screen printing inks changes colour with temperature

The labels were printed using thermochromic paint and silkscreening technology where the illustration only appears after cooling below 7ºC.
The brief was to create 3 distinct, story related designs using two thermocromic inks and one standard ink, silk screen printing directly onto the bottle.
This was the starting point for each illustration. The red button and logo would be constant across all 3 designs and the only graphic visible at room temperature.
All my work starts life as very messy scribbles in my sketchbook
I wanted to create a story around music and dance. The button turning into a record player and the beer a limb lubricant for better dancing (if only in your own eyes:)
Space Exploration
The red button launches a space rocket. As the rocket travels the universe it jettisons burners and fins and reveals itself as a bottle of Red Button Brew, landing on a distant planet where it is happily consumed by a beer loving alien.
Brewing Process 
The Button is the sun that helps the barley grow; the first stage in the brewing process. from here we follow a chain of characters representing all the components of the brewing process. All except the filter guy who looks left out - this is an unfiltered beer.
As the beer cools the illustrations appear.
The room temperature design for the standard inks. The only thing different on the designs was the number; Red Button #13, Red Button #04 and Red Button #26.
I really enjoyed the challenge of evolving the illustrated barcodes on these
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Thank You :)
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