The Freeman Family
Series of 6 portraits of the Freeman family tree for cigar tins
Initial sketchbook work on the 6 charcaters
worked-up sketch of the Brigadier
Brigadier Rory ‘Fire-At-Will’ Freeman 1764 – 1814
Returning from the Peninsular War a hero, Rory cut quite a dash around town with his signature ‘segar’. He soon had it trending over the now passé pipe.
And since Napoleon’s own bodyguard had relieved his right hand of duty, resourceful Rory had a cigar snipper fitted instead. Huzzah!
detail on his Swiss style cigar cutter:)
stick options
‘Barnacle’ Bob Freeman, 1920s 
Blessed with a snout as proud as the prow of a ship, Bob was destined to captain a clipper. Famed as having a nose for a bargain, he could also sniff out the best baccy.
Bob would then cling to his hard-driven deal as tenaciously as his tiny namesake. A true business figurehead.
Benedict Freeman 1900s
Uncommonly clumsy Benedict was known as a rum sort of chap. But opinion changed one night when, while enjoying a secret snifter, he knocked his nightcap over a stack of tobacco. The moisture made handling more manageable, and the process of liquoring the leaves was invented. Cheers!
Dolly Freeman, 1880s
The plumpest and prettiest daughter of importer Theodore, Dolly was admired for her deep dimples and ever so tiny hands. Her nimble little fingers could roll faster, neater
cigars than anyone else, setting the standard for Hamlets ever since. All in all, a handy girl to have around. 
Wilberforce Freeman, 1820s
Our first tobacco buyer, Wilber travelled widely, acquiring exotic tastes. Of all the world’s delights, vanilla was his vice.
He wore a pair of pods in place of a ‘tache to enjoy the aroma whilst smoking. A not-so-crazy combo, it inspired the sweet natural lacquer used in Hamlet today.
my first sketch of Ophelia
Ophelia Freeman, 1850s
A diminutive music hall diva, her ‘Tree Nymph Denuded’ dance inspired Ambrose Freeman both to propose and to start hand-stripping his tobacco leaves.
Ophelia’s delighted fiancée, inspired by her name, spontaneously christened his new creation. And so, the Hamlet was born.
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