Unreal® started with a simple question from a kid
“why do the foods we love the most have to be so bad for us?”
UNREAL are on a mission to unjunk the world by reinventing America's favorite foods. Starting with M&Ms and Reese’s, making them without junk, with less sugar, and with better taste. Every ingredient used is non-GMO, always real, and never artificial. Organic wherever there's a real benefit. Sustainably sourced and fair trade ingredients. Less sugar. No gluten, corn, or soy.
Made with real ingredients that make every bite taste unreal!
This project documents the packaging design, social media, promotion and adventures from our first UNREAL holiday program.
We started with 5 SKUs (a bucket and 4 bags of candy) in 2 regions of Wholefoods Market (North East and North Atlantic) - around 100 stores.
The first task was to design Candy Andy
The 2d illustrated skull was based on this pre existing 20" polystyrene skull mask
This animated gif shows the layers of artwork created for the lenticular bucket below
3d lenticular bucket of candy
we created 4 SKUs of peanut butter cups and milk chocolate gems
several peices of instore POS were created for hanging and window displays
Creating the decals for the skulls involved quite a bit of trial and error. 
Finally we worked out a method of sectioning a 3d model into small flat areas (a little like a tailor would create a pattern for a coat).
Graphics we created for the forehead, the upper and lower jaw etc, they were printed out as decals, chopped up and applied to the skulls.
Around 200 skulls were made in 5 different colours and shipped out to all the Wholefoods
Wholefoods staff really got involved in the fun
Wholefoods have their own instore sign painters who did a great job embelishing the displays.  
we also created tote bags, badges and tees
To promote the product we enlisted American footbal legend, Tom Brady, to make this little video of him hiding a secret message in some of the buckets
Within 24 hours the video had had an astonishing 1.5million views
here's a selection of the coverage
We also had a 190 feet tall digital screen in Times Square for which we created a 30 second animated loop. Here's
mockup of the animation in Times Square by Philip in DesignWest.ie
We had great fun handing out candy in the NYC Halloween Parade
The following morning we flew down to Mexico City for Dia de Muertos
The Panteón Civil de Dolores, the largest cemetery in Mexico with over 1,000,000 interments - that's a lot to celebrate during Day of the Dead:)
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