DOMA 도마 - restaurant mural

digital print 5m x 3m (15' x 9') mural for Korean restaurant, Doma 도마, in Seoul. 
Inspired by traditional Korean tiger folk art and fables.

HUGE thanks to Nayoung Kim for sending this pic :))
initial sketchbook scamp
refined drawing for the mural featuring their logos
actual pixels  - each tiger needed to be rendered in their own photoshop document - using 300 or more layers - each layered tiger weighed in at 3 to 4 gb. 
I then flattened down to a single layer and copied into the master mural layout.
chef tiger 
Traditional dress tiger
watching tiger
smoking tiger in western dress
Magpies, rabbits and a cockerel all feature in Korean folk art - especially love the smoking bunny:)
this guy is my favourite part - I also sneaked in my profile pic as a pin :)))
liked him so much I painted him for myself :)))
compiled 5m x 3m artwork - all elements supplied to the client for use on menus and signage.
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Thank You :)
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