'GALWAY 2020 stamp'

'european capital of culture'
design and illustration by Steve Simpson

Stamp, mini sheet and first day covers for An Post, the Irish Postal service
Stamps available to order online from just €1 - anpost
I've designed many stamps over the last 10+ years but this has to be my favourite. Stamp design a fairly long process, from concept to publication on this one was about 12 months. Direct communication is with the Stamp Design department in An Post, who liaise with the stamp design committee - there's also final approval needed from Government Ministers before the stamp goes on sale to the public.
With this stamp there was also a mini sheet (a large adhesive sheet the perforated stamp sits within). Both the stamp and the mini sheet also have first day cover envelope designs. Finally I was delighted to also do the cancellation stamp for this one - this is the full house of stamp design :)))
This was my initial concept for the stamp - Galway, a picturesque city situated on the west coast of Ireland, is famous for it's arts and culture, it's university and a rich history. I wanted to feature a flavour of all these things as noted in my sketch below. My colour palette was based on the official Galway 2020 logo. 
Initial colour rough idea
final stamp design - text (hand lettered) in both English and Irish
For the mini sheet illustration I decided on a map of the historic town centre. I started by drawing a simple map that would fit within the specs of the mini sheet. This became the backdrop for the all the elements I wanted to feature.
map of the town centre
Noted sketch for the mini sheet
final artwork
The first day cover for the stamp features Galway Bay. In the foreground we have the local dolphins escorting a Galway Hooker (traditional fishing boat) out to sea. 
Rough sketch of the stamp's first day cover
final first day cover with stamp
The first day cover for the mini sheet feature a salmon leaping with the Cathedral in the background
rough for the mini sheet's first day cover
final artwork with mini sheet in place
The cancelation stamp features a Claddagh ring,  a traditional Irish ring which representing love, loyalty, and friendship (the hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty).  The ring, as currently known, was first produced in the 17th century.
The stamp was launched in Galway
The Galway General Post Office looking resplendent :))
Thanks for checking out this project - all appreciations and comments are truly appreciated:))
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