'Juan Pollo Mural'

Digital mural for Juan Pollo restaurante, Califonia. 

Always love the opportunity to 'go big' with my artwork - this was a really fun job to work on - in some ways being asked to represent a Mexican restaurant with mariachi, cacti and sombreros could have been like drawing leprechauns for an Irish pub - I've always tried to steer a client away from stereotypical representations but sometimes you just can't avoid them - I tried really hard to  make these elements more culturally sympathetic - I hope it worked :)))
These are very quick sketches - it's easy to get sidetracked into adding too much detail when working on large format artwork - working small and quick meant I didn't over complicate the main imagery.
wall 1 - 140" long
wall 2 - 122" long
wall 3 - 179" long

Thanks for checking out this project - all appreciations and comments are truly appreciated:))
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Thank You :)))
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