La Vida Loca
Designer Beta Testing for iPad
I first worked digitally in 1991, initially it was to tidy up and collate my analogue illustrations but by 1994 all my colour work was done on a Mac. In those days there was no alternative to the mouse and over the years I've played around with various tablets but invariably always returned to the mouse. A few months ago I was invited to join a beta test team for Affinity Designer using the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. The thought of adapting to new software and working directly on screen did feel like an enormous challenge initially but it was surpringly intuitive and once I got my finger memory up to speed it was a pleasure to work with.
Below are the 3 illustrations I did during the beta testing period. La Vida Loca was the last of the three to complete and was commissioned specifically to use in the promotion of Affinity Designer.
La Vida Loca
pencil sketch done in Designer using the Apple Pencil 
I love that you can just from pixels to vectors with just one click
final illustration
Print available to buy here
process timelapse
close up detail
The finished illustration was used to promote the app 
Berries and Fruits
Berries and Fruits - inspired by a recent doodle in my sketchbook
my first attempt at drawing directly on screen - Affinity Designer
print available to buy here
La Mort
Sketch from a few years back
La Mort - my second piece to work up on the iPad
available to purchase here
Promo video 
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