Four double puzzles for Ravensburger. Brief was to create a top and bottom puzzle with an interacting story - 2 of the puzzles set around pirates and 2 around knights and castles. Really enjoyed the story telling aspect of this project - in all, they took approximately 8 weeks to complete. Created in a mix of Procreate and Photoshop.
Initial character designs
rough sketches
rough sketches

Land in Sight
Ravensburger Children's Puzzle 05592 - Puzzle & Play Land in Sight - 2 x 24 Pieces Puzzle from 4 Years
Pirates on Treasure Hunt
Ravensburger Children's Puzzle 05591 - Puzzle & Play Pirates on Treasure Hunt - 2 x 24 Pieces Puzzle from 4 Years
Kingdom of the Donuts
Ravensburger Children's Puzzle 05595 - Puzzle & Play Kingdom of the Donuts - 2 x 24 Pieces Puzzle from 4 Years
Royale Party
Ravensburger Children's Puzzle 05596 - Puzzle & Play Royale Party - 2 x 24 Pieces Puzzle from 4 Years,

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