Diarmuid Gavin & Steve Simpson

This was a HUGE project, KING SIZE in fact!

Firstly, I'm not an architect or an engineer, I have never done anything like this before (apart from the Royal gates I designed for the Queen's jubilee last year)
Back in November 2022 garden designer, Diarmuid Gavin, asked to me to create a poster that would help illustrate his idea for a new garden to the Antrim & Newtownabbey Borough Council in Northern Ireland. Just 6 crazy months later the King and Queen came and officially opened the garden. This is my involvement in the project ☞
The King's Garden Poster
Initial garden concept poster
Designing the Pavilion and Gates
The old bowling green was the site of the new garden to celebrate the King's Coronation 
Here Diarmuid has indicated the approximate position/size of the pavilion
Some very quick initial sketches for the pavilion 
Diarmuid's architectural design
my sketches for the details - arches and balustrade 
I wanted to include some of the elements from the first poster as well as the national flowers of the 4 countries of the UK
This huge planter concept never happened but I still like the idea :))
Lots of birds are featured on the Pavilion, the gates and in the garden
All my designs assembled over the structural design. I was using the King as a size guid - 
had no idea he would actually come and open it (I got his jacket colour right too :))))))
The Build
The bare bone in place
When I saw this photo I started to realise just how big this thing was going to be!
The insanely talented Barry McCann at work
Here with the talented Diarmuid on site
A Royal Opening
Love these details
Lots of pomp and ceremony involved in the King and Queen's visit. We were all sworn to secrecy about the visit
sadly this piece of metal work never got made
The gates!
This was the money shot - so good :))))
My mum was so proud I'd got to meet the King 👑 :)))
From the Council's website .... Officially opened on Wednesday 24 May by King Charles III and Queen Camilla, the Coronation Garden is an ornate three floor pavilion topped by a crown. Diarmuid Gavin's magnificent Coronation Garden treats visitors to a musical performance of dancing topiary and spinning conical trees every fifteen minutes. more info and photos

The Coronation Garden Commemorative Poster
The poster was commissioned as a gift to the King and Queen on their visit to the Coronation Garden, 24th May 2023.

Available to purchase 320 x 320 mm - 12.6 x 12.6"
buy poster here

Thanks for checking out this project - If you are visiting Northern Ireland the garden is close to Belfast - well work a visit.
All appreciations and comments are very much appreciated:))
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Thank You :)))
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